Exploration. Skin is a three-dimensional material. Inquiry around the forms. Sketches. Tests. Charcoal drawings: versatility of the skin, movement of lines of the body. The magnifying glass with which you explore the best leathers and finishes.
Pure curiosity, without borders. Santiago del Palacio incessantly investigates the new techniques for treating the skin and interprets them at the service of the materials: Smoothed, tinted. And Airgallon, Checkerboard, Degradé, Fox “n” Fabric …
Enriches the Spanish fur tradition. Creates. Innovate.


The vision in which woman and skin coexist: the final embodiment of the idea. Harmony to interpret the materials. Functional, reversible designs, without fanfare. The unique vocation of each garment. Elegance. Personalization. And at the center of Santiago del Palacio’s universe, a woman dedicated to expressing herself through her skin.


Tradition. The 50-year journey of the family business, Balta. A workshop in León, where leather is worked and where it begins to form. Vision. Learning. The unequivocal reference of the mother, Conchita Baquedano, pioneer in the sector, Handicrafts. I respect. Detail. Then, the journey of the young man fascinated by the transformation of the skin: Maragoni, Saga, Canada. Study in the best design schools. Came back. His hands again, on the workshop table. Patterns Own vocation and style. Santiago del Palacio.


Surrounding yourself with other voices and other visions: conversations with the women in the workshop and with those who wear their clothes. The reference of creators whom you admire. His work. Music: Mozart and Bowie. The intuition of how others have managed to represent emotion. Klimt’s paintings. The aesthetics of the 20s. Italian Renaissance architecture. English countries. Elements that make up the universe of Santiago del Palacio. Unravel its extraordinary character and capture it, nurture it. Transform it. Capture essence.

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